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I see you.

You seem tired, holding back and holding in. There’s tension and I see the strain in your eyes. Your bubbly self, lost and quiet.

You feel life has dumped on you, or somehow got lost in relentless routines. What you are going through must be hard ,like losing a part of you. I can see it’s overwhelming effect. I see your sadness and your anger too.

I know you think this situation is hopeless and yet you turn out the same everyday getting stuff done, going through the motions. Keeping up appearances so that the cracks don’t show.

I want you to know that I feel your sadness, your frustrations too. I do not judge you, I would love to hold the space for you to safely address all that needs to be. I will gladly walk along the way with you and hold you accountable for the changes you choose to make. I invite you to share whatever is in the way, to examine it, shed the rough and reassemble the essential pieces with greater insight and more than a tad of renewed self- love.

You will find your true self again. Is she wild? Is she sassy? Is she feline? Is she vulnerable, funny, creative? Whatever she longs for, together at Ch-Changes, together we are going to make that happen.


Heather Fitton is a fully qualified One of Many life coach who works with women who are seeking to transform their personal and professional lives. Heather has practiced Traditional Acupuncture for many years.She brings the knowings of energetics and healing from this ancient craft to the service of coaching. 


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