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Welcome to Ch-Changes

Bespoke coaching for women just like you who wish to transform their lives and leave their true Legacy.


Change I can’t into I can

As women we hold so much for so many. Are you fulfilling your dreams or do you feel life is passing you by? 

As women we hold so much for so many. Are you frustrated, feeling lack, lonely whether you are in a relationship or alone? Are you always in demand; your loved ones, children, elders and you wonder what happened to the woman inside, the real you? Are you holding down a career that no longer holds your passion but gives you a lot of stress? Are you retired or facing redundancy ,feeling that you still have so much to give but the world just doesn’t seem to notice? 


 Don’t get me wrong, no doubt you have achieved so much already but is it at a cost? Our world is only ever on loan. It also belongs to those of the future. Given our fast-pace, often disconnected existence, much of what we are and what we do, gets consigned to trash. Maybe it’s time to review. What is your contribution now? Are you truly loving the life you live? What will you leave for future generations? Will this be your emotional as well as your carbon footprint? What is  Your Legacy?

I am Heather, a One of many Certified Women’s Coach.

I work with women just like you who want to transform their lives.

Now it’s your turn for me to scoop you up and help you embrace your changes. I was once an overworked, beaten- down and broke lone-parent. Now I have a keen zest for life, a thriving career. It is my pride and my privilege to witness beautiful women, unfurl. They dust off the cobwebs, untangle their frustrations. They find true purpose and from hereon, gracefully and disgracefully, strut!

If Ch-changes sounds right for you, I simply cannot wait to meet you.

Ready to get unstuck?

In order to create lasting, meaningful change you must make the decision to transform your life. Are you ready to create a life of peace, happiness and fulfilment? Are you ready for your ch-changes?

How coaching works

I’ll work with you closely to help you navigate the easiest path from A to B.


As your personal coach, I will help you to get clarity on what you want to achieve, what your ideal future looks like and what is holding you back. 


We will then work together to build an effective plan to get you there. I’ll make sure you are heading in the right direction, but you’ll be in the drivers seat at all times. 


I’ll support you as you use and practice the proven ” One of Many” tools and techniques, to help you turn your your dreams into a reality. Together we’ll celebrate your success.

Are you ready to take the first step?


Heather Fitton is a fully qualified One of Many life coach who works with women who are seeking to transform their personal and professional lives. Heather has practiced Traditional Acupuncture for many years.She brings the knowings of energetics and healing from this ancient craft to the service of coaching. 


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